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10 Best Ways to Get Colleges to Notice You

Many students believe that academic excellence and extracurricular achievements alone will be enough to impress colleges, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Colleges look for students with passion, curiosity, forward-thinking thinking skills and altruism – something which can best be shown off outside of the classroom environment. Demonstrating these characteristics outside is one of the best ways of getting their attention!

No matter whether you apply early decision or regular admission, it is critical that colleges know they are your top choice. They want offers extended to students who will enroll, so showing that you care deeply about their school is key in distinguishing your application from other applicants.

Beside having an interest in the school, be sure to do extensive research into its majors, honors programs, colleges within the university and student life aspects such as housing facilities and clubs. This will enable you to make an informed decision that matches up well with your needs and ensure a good fit between school and your goals. It might also help if you were able to speak to an admissions officer, professor in your department or alumni about more about it and its significance for you personally.

As part of your extracurriculars, taking on leadership positions demonstrates your dedication and meeting obligations. Equally impressive is participating in one activity for four years or longer to demonstrate this devotion.

Colleges value creativity as another trait they seek in applicants. This doesn’t just refer to your artistic talent; creativity may include innovative approaches you took when solving group project problems or the unique ways you sold bouquets for fundraising for a sports team. Make sure your applications reflect this quality! It may set you apart from other candidates!

Demonstrating social awareness is another excellent way to demonstrate commitment. From working at your local food bank or volunteering abroad in Cambodia, colleges look for students who understand social issues and are dedicated to finding solutions.

Be confident. Colleges want to see people with self-assurance; show it through your body language, voice tone and interactions with others. Possessing this quality will not only set you apart from other applicants but will make you an exceptional student both inside and outside of the classroom.

Overall, there are many things you can do to stand out and demonstrate to colleges that you are an ideal match for them. By focusing on these areas and developing your strengths, you’ll give yourself the best chance at getting into your desired college!

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