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10 Best Ways to Get Colleges to Notice You

What are the 10 best ways to get colleges to notice you

If you want colleges to notice you, studying hard is your top priority. Achieve good grades will demonstrate to colleges that you will make an impactful addition to their campus and programs, such as taking difficult AP/IB college prep courses that demonstrate that you possess the capability of undertaking difficult work that will set them apart from other candidates. They want to see that you possess both resilience and aptitude necessary for succeeding at challenging degree programs like theirs.

Colleges will look favorably upon applicants with a strong curriculum. Colleges will take notice if you study diverse topics such as art, foreign languages, science, history and literature – taking honors classes can even help raise your GPA! Furthermore, they may consider your high school’s reputation in regards to its curriculum.

Strength of extracurricular activities is also a critical factor. Schools will assess your participation in sports, academic clubs and service organizations; assess leadership capabilities; as well as your depth of commitment to these activities. When selecting activities it is best to pick ones you enjoy rather than something just because it looks impressive on paper; participation should occur year-round and being elected a leader is highly encouraged if possible.

Volunteering can make an unforgettable impression on college admissions officers. By helping children, seniors, or those living with disabilities – as part of an organization like City Year or other charitable endeavors – volunteering demonstrates to admissions officers that you have a deep commitment and sense of caring in the community.

Attending special events, like open houses and college fairs, is a fantastic way to meet representatives from individual colleges. Be sure to do your research ahead of time in order to meet representatives who offer what you’re searching for in a university, and register for these events as soon as they become available.

Teachers and counselors should write letters of recommendation for you as this can provide colleges with insight beyond transcripts and test scores alone. Letters will allow the admissions committee to understand what impact you had in their class as well as describe your personality and character traits. They will also help explain any weaknesses in your application such as grades that fell or any issues with behavior that might hinder admission.

Find someone who has already gone through the college application process and ask them to review your materials. They will be able to identify any mistakes and provide helpful tips on how to enhance them. Remember to start early and stay aware of all deadlines! Good luck! This article was first published in April 2019.

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