The Best Strategies For the SAT Reading Section

The SAT Reading section can be dauntingly difficult for students, but with proper strategy you can make it more manageable and make answering each question much simpler. Utilize these strategies and save both time and effort while making them much simpler to answer!

1. Read Through Each Passage Just Once

To effectively take an SAT Reading exam, it is wise to skim over passages at least once before considering questions. Since readings don’t follow an ordered difficulty scale and time can quickly run out before all questions can be completed satisfactorily; by skimming, you can gain an overall sense of the passage in just 3 minutes before moving on to answering individual questions.

Skimming for key keywords may also help when studying for an SAT exam, since many questions focus on certain subjects like author tone or point of view; doing this gives you a higher chance of finding relevant paragraphs.

2. Read Answer Options First

To avoid making a common misstep and save yourself a great deal of time, always look at answer options first before trying to reread a passage. Instinctively, most students tend to read question texts first and then return to passages; by reading answer options first though, you will be able to see which options align with the passage’s message more quickly, using your knowledge of it to predict which answers are correct and which are incorrect.

3. Recognize and Avoid Wrong Answer Traps

It is also crucial when solving SAT reading passage questions to be aware of any wrong answer traps that commonly arise, including ones such as those asking you to identify evidence from within a passage and select an answer choice with minimal word usage; The College Board likes concise answers over redundancies!

4. Avoid Leaving Any Questions Blank

The SAT used to penalise incorrect answers, but now there’s no penalty! To avoid making costly mistakes on test day, eliminate obvious wrong answers first before trying your best guess (remembering that most correct answers tend to have more subtle implications or tones than extreme answers). If in doubt, pick the dullest possible one!

5. Be Prepared for Command of Evidence Questions

A key challenge facing students preparing to take the SAT reading passage exam is running out of time before finishing answering all questions in time. By practicing these tips, you can significantly decrease the number of missed questions and significantly boost your score by answering more correctly overall.

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