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4 Reasons to Take the SAT

Should I take the SAT

Undergoing the SAT can be both stressful and tedious; sitting in a test center on a Saturday morning probably isn’t anyone’s idea of fun! Yet standardized test scores are an integral component of college applications, so having strong scores could help get into your dream school or make an already stellar application even stronger.

What Is the SAT? The SAT is a standardized exam designed to measure your reading, writing and math abilities. Scored out of 1600 points (with 800 being maximum possible for Reading section), this examination contains five multiple-choice questions (MCQs), four grid-in questions that you answer by filling in number bubbles on grid paper grids, as well as one optional essay worth 250 points that’s graded separately from its main components.

Need More Time Per Question: The SAT gives more time per question than the ACT, providing students who feel overwhelmed by competing against time with more time to think through their answers and formulate them before turning in their exam. Furthermore, without a Science section included on its test, some may find relief knowing there won’t be an extra pressure of having to prepare answers in time.

If You Are an International Student: For international students applying to colleges abroad, taking the SAT or ACT may help demonstrate your academic qualifications. As college admission processes can often be confusing for foreigners, taking these tests will give universities a clear picture of your abilities.

Your GPA Is Below Your True Ability: If your GPA falls short of where it should be, an excellent SAT or ACT score could give you an edge against students from more competitive schools – something which is especially crucial if applying to selective colleges as an international student.

Most students take the SAT twice during junior year: once in spring and then again before college applications are due. Many retake it multiple times to increase their score; there is no limit to how often. Make sure you find a date that works with your schedule, and apply early for your college applications!

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