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Creating a Connection With Students

Building relationships with students is the cornerstone of a successful classroom environment. They need to feel as though their teacher cares for them and will support their success, according to research. Research also suggests a correlation between strong teacher-student bonds and academic engagement and achievement; creating these connections may prove more challenging when dealing with children from challenging backgrounds or those suffering from behavioral or learning disorders; however, with creativity and perseverance every student can develop positive relations with their teacher.

Engaging students at the door

Kickstarting the year right by greeting students as they enter your classroom can be an excellent way to build relationships. Greet them by name and show your happiness that they’ve returned; use this momentous occasion to ask about their weekend plans or the latest novel they read – either face-to-face or through intercom, each student will feel they have one-on-one contact with you at both ends of every day!

Discover Your Students

Take time to get to know your students better by learning their names and making an effort to pronounce them correctly. Conduct a questionnaire or survey designed to uncover more about their interests, hobbies, and outside pursuits besides school. Learning which sports teams, foods, music genres or books they prefer may allow you to create personal connections during lessons; attending their sporting events or recitals also shows your care.

Play games that foster teamwork and collaboration. Such activities release dopamine in the brain, which enhances learning outcomes while remaining fun and engaging for all! Plus, they’re sure to increase team spirit!

Engaging and Bonding With Students

Letting your students see you laughing is an excellent way to build trust and build a rapport. This shows them that you’re not simply an intimidating teacher, letting them know they can approach you with questions or concerns more easily.

Get Their Input

Ask your students what they hope to learn this year or where their struggles lie in school, this will not only give you insight into their needs for success but will make them feel heard by you as well.

Make rules together with your students! Doing this will encourage them to abide by them more easily since it was their idea and will show how much you cared enough about them by including them in creating class rules. Furthermore, this allows them to see you are caring and compassionate person which encourages more attentive listening during announcements or reminders for school-related matters and allows you to invite students with any concerns to reach out through messaging or email as a mentor they can trust and look up to.

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