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How to Improve Your SAT Score

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standardized exam taken by high school juniors and seniors to measure reading, writing, problem-solving abilities essential for college success. The exam features sections on reading/writing/language; mathematics (calculator and no-calculator); calculus/no calculus; calculus; optional essay questions and is administered by The College Board, who also administer the Advanced Placement tests (AP tests).

Recently, the SAT has undergone significant revisions. In 2014, College Board reduced penalties for wrong answers, removed an obscure vocabulary section, and introduced a writing test with essay questions.

Students preparing to take the SAT should study grammar rules such as subject-verb agreement, proper constructions and punctuation such as when to use a semi-colon. Students should also learn how to analyze passages by identifying supporting evidence within them and practicing reading graphs and charts as well as wordy, difficult-to-read text.

Another effective strategy for increasing your SAT score is developing strong time management abilities. When taking the exam, it is crucial that you know exactly how much time each question requires and work quickly on them to maximize points earned and avoid time being wasted on difficult questions that take too long to complete. This way you’ll ensure maximum points from all questions on which you work!

To develop your time management skills, try practicing with a friend or joining a study group. Study groups offer accountability as well as additional support than studying on your own; additionally it may be beneficial to start off with easier questions before progressing onto more challenging ones.

SAT questions start off easy but become increasingly challenging over time, making getting maximum points a challenge. In order to do well on this test, it’s imperative that you possess a firm grasp on all topics and concepts being tested; math questions tend to present more difficulties than others. Spend most of your time practicing them beforehand!

On the SAT, each correct multiple-choice answer counts as one point and wrong answers in Math are penalized at 1/4 of a point for every incorrect response; it may be wiser to guess in this instance than try your best to be correct.

Magoosh offers comprehensive SAT preparation services that can assist students in taking their exam, such as tutoring and online study tools. Their blog features articles with tips, practice problems and videos of experts demonstrating types of questions you might encounter on the SAT exam. Furthermore, numerous educational organizations such as Khan Academy offer free SAT prep materials.

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