Crack the 2024 Digital SAT 3-Month Course: 14 Lessons & Google Slides! No Prep!


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9th – 12th
Math, Math Test Prep, Test Preparation
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Activities, Assessment, Task Cards



Digital SAT Homework:

Get your students ready for the new SAT with this full course. Each problem in this set is UNIQUE – meaning not copied from an exam or existing book. They were made by our team of expert SAT tutors.

Depending on the pace, this set will last your students 3-5 months. We highly recommend purchasing the 3 months of homework that accompany this course.

We worked very hard on this, so please leave a 5-star review if you are satisfied 🙂 Thank you!

Product Includes:


· 14 Lessons with Answer Keys PDF Files

· Google Slides for each lesson

· Print in Black and White by selected “grayscale”

· Answer keys

How to use

Present or print the PDF files. The easiest way to use these files is to have students use the Google Slides links to create their own copies and fill in or do on a separate sheet of paper. However,

I highly recommend uploading them into your own Google Classroom for ease of use to allow students to turn in files digitally.

Small group: have students work on these assignments in groups and then teach problems to the class. Alternatively, have teacher-led small group sessions.

Classroom: Present cards on the screen and have students record their answers on a sheet of paper. Time students for 90 seconds, moving on to the next, and review the answers together when complete. Check out my SAT/ACT formula sheets to accompany this resource and share them with your students!


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