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Should I Take the SAT?

Should I take the SAT

If you’re applying to colleges that do not require test scores for admissions purposes, taking the SAT could be part of your application process. While standardized test scores remain an integral component of college admissions decisions, they’re far from being the sole determinant.

The main purpose of taking the SAT is to give colleges a standardized measure of your academic abilities. This enables them to compare students from all schools and backgrounds on an equal playing field – as well as giving you an opportunity to differentiate yourself if your high school grades don’t accurately represent your abilities.

Deciding to take the SAT can be a monumental decision and should not be taken lightly. Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you make this important choice.

First and foremost, make sure to research each college’s admission requirements carefully before applying. Some require SAT/ACT scores while others don’t – this will help you to decide whether you need to take one in order to apply.

Next, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. The SAT is an assessment that tests skills you have been learning since elementary school such as critical reading, grammar usage, writing an essay and arithmetic operations. In addition, the test includes a math section designed to challenge linear inequalities, quadratic functions, geometry graphing. Meanwhile, the ACT math section tests your ability to solve complex problems using calculators.

If you are an excellent writer, the SAT may be right for you as its essay section can really bolster your application. On the other hand, mathematicians might consider taking an ACT test instead as it has more questions with longer time allotments. No matter which test you choose to take, make sure you prepare adequately so you can do well on it.

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