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Time Management For Teenagers

Time management for teenagers can often be a daunting challenge. Many adolescents do not come naturally equipped with the ability to organize their schedule and may put things off until the last minute, leading to higher stress levels, poorer grades and increased illness among teens. Helping your teen develop effective time management techniques is key in building their lives and future successfully.

Start early. Teach your teen how to write down what needs to be done each day and plan their schedule beforehand, to help keep them on track when life throws a curveball their way and gets them off course. With such a plan in place, staying focused should become much simpler when something unexpected arises and takes them off course.

Encourage them to use a calendar or planner with a monthly view in order to gain an overall picture of events and assignments. An app such as Wunder may also prove helpful for managing tasks and reminders more efficiently.

Break down large projects into more manageable pieces. For example, if a paper is due in two weeks, assist your teen in breaking it into 10 minute chunks so they have clear deadlines to work towards.

Encourage your teen to use self-timers or set a timer when engaging in any task that requires sustained focus and effort for an extended period. This will teach them when their peak productive window occurs and how long each activity should be undertaken.

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