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Top 10 ACT Science Strategies

What are the top 10 ACT science strategies

No matter your interests, taking the ACT’s Science section can be time-consuming and challenging. Even with extra vocabulary practice for the section (and that doesn’t even account for its experimental design passage!). 7 questions in total make up this part of the test, and taking your time will only prolong its difficulty further.

As opposed to other sections on the ACT where memorization skills can be helpful, the Science section on the ACT is an in-depth skills test designed to gauge your ability to use scientific thought processes and reasoning to solve problems scientifically. Furthermore, many of its questions require you to interpret data presented through graphs or tables; your main strategy for the Science section should therefore focus on practicing how best to interpret such forms of data in order to become familiar with interpreting it effectively.

Though it may seem obvious, students making mistakes on the ACT Science section often do so by not carefully reading their questions – both experimental design and conflicting viewpoints passages included.

These passages contain a lot of data, and often the ACT Science section requires you to read between the lines and identify clues within text to help find answers more quickly. Therefore, you must carefully read these passages and highlight key terms so as to quickly comprehend each question presented to you.

Once you have examined and highlighted key terms, the last step should be evaluating potential answers. When reviewing options, immediately cross out those that contain incorrect or mislabeled information as this will quickly narrow down options to find your optimal choice more quickly.

Also keep in mind that the ACT does not penalize for wrong answers, so if unsure about an answer choice, select it anyway and review any incorrect answer explanations to learn from your mistakes on subsequent questions! Your ultimate goal in the ACT Science section should be to become as efficient as possible so as to complete it with a high score; by following these top ten ACT science strategies you’ll see real progress being made towards improving your score! Practice makes perfect; so don’t allow frustration to stand in your way while studying hard! Have a Happy studying!

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