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What is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring refers to the practice of providing tuition services over an electronic network or virtual environment. As opposed to traditional face-to-face tutoring sessions that take place face-to-face between tutor and pupil in person, video call lessons take place with physical space between tutor and pupil or distance separating both participants (Salmon and Edisiringha 2008). Online tutors use various teaching methodologies and technologies and may assist students via email, podcasts or webcasts as well as through virtual collaboration and learning processes including whiteboards, documents or presentations depending on course content – while also identifying strengths and weaknesses and adapt or strategize learning techniques in order to overcome difficulties (Salmon and Edisiringha 2008).

Tutoring has experienced steady growth over the last decade. According to TutorMe’s figures, enrollment for their tutoring services increased by 40% between 2012 and 2020 in the US alone. Not just children need help with schoolwork; many adults also look to make extra income tutoring; companies have come up with algorithms matching them with suitable tutors; such as Preply which allows users to search through available tutors based on location and languages spoken – allowing students to select one that meets their needs at times that suit them and arrange sessions when it’s convenient.

Online tutoring offers many advantages for both student and tutor. Students can enjoy sessions without leaving home, which saves both time, money and energy; lessons can also fit more easily into busy schedules than traveling to a tutoring centre would do. Furthermore, tutors themselves benefit from working with students from all around the globe on various subjects while sharpening up on computing skills while keeping abreast of education trends.

Effective communication between online tutors and their students through video call tools is paramount for effective instruction and problem-solving. Sharing one’s screen may prove useful when showing presentations or websites to their pupils; tutors should also be capable of offering feedback that contributes to an efficient learning process, including both constructive criticism and positive encouragement.

Tutoring can be an excellent way to earn extra income if you possess the necessary skills and knowledge. Advertising yourself on sites connecting students and tutors such as Gumtree or Classgap may help you find clients quickly, while their free trial lessons offer another great way to assess whether it suits your needs or not before making a commitment. You could also ask around friends or family members for recommendations of suitable tutors who meet these criteria.

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