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When is the Best Time to Start Studying For the SAT?

When is the best time to start studying for the SAT

The best time for students to begin studying for the SAT depends on their college goals. When starting to prepare for this test, it’s essential that they factor in how much time can be dedicated each week/month to SAT preparation; how many activities they already participate in; as well as any time gaps between current scores and target scores they may have.

Studying for the SAT and ACT should not be an all-day affair; rather, students should approach studying as something they do daily, much like brushing their teeth or tying their shoes. Students should aim to spend no more than 45 minutes/day prepping for these exams – this consistent practice over an extended period of time is what ultimately makes the difference in one’s score.

As much of the content required for the SAT is covered during primary and secondary education, every day without studying could cause it to slip away. For instance, most students don’t revisit remainders and fractions outside of class after 5th grade; thus if you wait to begin your prep until junior year there may be much material you need to work through before starting an SAT prep class.

Regarding SAT writing and reading tests, two years of high school English should provide sufficient preparation. However, reading outside your classes and memorizing grammar rules more easily will enhance your performance on test day.

Studies for the SAT can take time, and students can often feel reluctant to dedicate enough hours each week and month towards studying for it. As well as setting aside set study hours each week and month for this exam, be sure to include in your plan opportunities to take full-length practice tests at various points during preparation – this will allow you to identify both strengths and weaknesses, and put forth enough effort towards improving any weak areas.

Register for the SAT either during your sophomore or junior year if you plan on taking it again to increase your score; or in summer before junior year if taking multiple attempts may help boost it. However, early action and early decision applications only offer one chance at retaking in October of your senior year.

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