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When to Hire a Tutor versus Studying Independently

A tutor is often utilized to help students increase their grades and standardized test scores, potentially helping them enter into their chosen university courses with ease, as well as saving money on tuition.

However, tutors should also teach their students to study independently by encouraging creativity, providing opportunities to experiment with novel ideas, and making learning enjoyable.

1. When the student is struggling

If a student is experiencing academic difficulty, acting quickly to enlist help is key to their recovery. A tutor may help catch them up or get ahead, and also reignite their enthusiasm for learning. If unsure whether or not your student is struggling, consult their teachers and counselors as soon as possible for an accurate evaluation and referral of a qualified tutor who could work with your student.

Parents may recognize when their student has lost interest in school when they stop making progress or become disgruntled towards certain subjects. A tutor can often identify what may be causing problems for them – including social or familial concerns that are hindering success in schoolwork.

Tutors can fill gaps that arise due to overcrowded classrooms, helping students stay current with material being taught simultaneously in class. This builds academic confidence while supporting exam and college application preparation as well as building an academic plan for success in the workplace and beyond.

2. When the student has a learning disability

Parents seeking tutors for their child(ren) with learning disabilities or special needs often face difficulty in selecting an ideal tutor; finding one should not be a source of anxiety, as you must find one who relates well with them and inspires. Parents should also carefully consider whether their student would benefit more from one-to-one or group learning environments like tutoring centers.

Students with disabilities who have had their education interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic may need extra assistance catching up. A tutor experienced in working with these students may provide valuable support through tailored methods of instruction and accommodations listed in their documentation, teaching study skills, test-taking strategies, confidence building exercises, or any other tips that help them succeed while building confidence and alleviating anxieties surrounding school or the risk of feeling dumb.

3. When the student has a busy schedule

If your student is having difficulty with his or her homework, hiring a tutor could be the solution. An effective tutor will be able to identify foundational gaps and bridge them while keeping students on top of new material coming home from school concurrently.

Teenagers already face enough challenges juggling Advanced Placement classes, SAT exams and extracurricular activities; should your teen find themselves missing deadlines and feeling overwhelmed, perhaps it would be beneficial to bring in a tutor to assist them better manage their time.

Note that frequent cancellation of tutor sessions should not be seen as a good indicator. A reliable tutor must commit to their students and show up on time for every session; otherwise hiring them again would likely waste your money and prove futile. Finding one who takes pride in helping their craft and has genuine dedication towards helping students learn is also vitally important.

4. When the student is bored

Boredom often stems from feeling complacent. If a student breezes through early grades with ease and is getting all A’s, perhaps hiring a tutor would help increase challenge levels and engage the learner more actively – offering learning experiences that are stimulating, entertaining and exciting!

Tutors are invaluable when it comes to imparting subject knowledge; but they’re also invaluable at providing assistance with other academic issues, like time management, procrastination and study skills development. Students sometimes just require guidance in these areas.

A tutor can give students a tremendous sense of achievement when it comes to test prep, such as for the SAT and ACT exams. An excellent tutor can instil great study habits and test-taking strategies in order for them to score at their best on these tests, lifelong skills that can benefit their performance in college as well as beyond. Reading and math abilities will prove essential in future careers that include reading or math requirements.

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