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When to Hire a Tutor

Parents often question when is an appropriate time and place for them to hire a tutor. While no moment should be too late for this decision, it is essential that parents understand exactly what their goal for this experience will be before beginning this journey.

An effective tutor can make students feel less alone and increase their self-confidence as learners – it’s a win-win for both parties involved!

1. If You’re Struggling

Tutors can assist with remediation — teaching students what they have missed in school — as well as help prepare for standardized tests or provide a “preview” of coursework that’s coming up. But the primary motivation for enlisting a tutor is simply so they won’t struggle alone.

If a student is taking longer than usual to finish homework assignments, hiring a tutor might be in order. Even if no points were lost due to this delay in completion, it still indicates they don’t understand what’s being taught and is creating undue stress at home.

Search for a credentialed teacher with extensive experience working with kids, and remember that in-person tutoring is more effective than online tuition due to being able to break down assignments, explain concepts in new ways and instill confidence into students as needed for success. Furthermore, students tend to make greater strides when working proactively with tutors over the summer rather than waiting until classes resume later on in the fall.

2. If You’re Getting Bad Grades

If your child is struggling in certain subjects, tutoring could be the perfect solution. Sessions generally last from 30-60 minutes once or twice every week and provide tutors an opportunity to assess whether there are any underlying issues that might require intervention.

Overcrowded classrooms limit teachers’ abilities to spend enough time with each student and provide the help they require, and children often feel embarrassed asking questions in class. Tutors may be more effective in helping these issues than teachers are and can teach kids how to study efficiently for faster homework completion.

When searching for tutors, be sure to consider their qualifications and training. Our online Tutor Finder makes this easy; just enter your child’s subject of interest, and it will display options near you. Be sure to read each tutor profile so you have an understanding of their expertise.

3. If You’re Not Getting Enough Help

A good tutor can fill gaps in a student’s education that might not have been identified by his or her teacher. Through one-on-one interaction, tutors can focus on specific areas where their student might be experiencing difficulty and explain concepts more simply for better comprehension.

A tutor can assist students with more advanced features of the subject matter that may not always be clear through self study resources, making the conversation skills practice necessary to become fluent foreign language speakers easier and providing deeper explanations of grammar and vocabulary. This is particularly helpful for foreign language students looking to practice speaking skills with someone to correct them as well as provide in-depth explanations of grammar and vocabulary usage.

While tutors can certainly be beneficial to many students, it’s essential that educators recognize when a particular pupil no longer requires additional lessons. For instance, if homework comes easily and they receive straight A’s on all tests/assignments without ever experiencing difficulties then perhaps tuition isn’t needed at all.

4. If You’re Not Getting Enough Time

If a student’s grades are faltering or they appear to be missing more assignments than usual, tutors may offer an invaluable service: “Tutors provide an outside view that helps students reconnect with concepts learned at school” says Horwitz.

Horwitz believes a tutor can also be invaluable for students feeling overwhelmed in school. They provide much-needed support in terms of reviving academic endeavors and equipping learners to learn independently.

College-bound children can rely on tutors as an invaluable ally when it comes to scoring well on their SAT, ACT, or MCAT exams. “Students often become overwhelmed by the alphabet soup of standardized tests; expert guidance can provide much-needed relief,” Horwitz states. Tutors can focus on areas in which a student needs additional support such as test taking strategies or content preparation.

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